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Best Electric Vehicle Charger Suppliers in Hyderabad for Homes, Businesses, and Public Charging

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Smart EV Charging Solutions

Atom AC Socket

Capacity : 3.3 kW

Atom AC Wallbox

Capacity : 7.4 kW

Destination Charging

Capacity : Upto 80 kW

Atom DC Fast Charger

Capacity : Upto 180 kW


EV Chargers for Homes, Businesses, and Public Charging

Our Atom AC Socket is a super simple, easy-to-use, and pocket-friendly product for EV Charging. The universal design ensures charging for all types of vehicles including 2, 3, and 4 wheelers.

This product comes with a LED indicator that displays the status of charging and runs solely with the assistance of our remote monitoring Atom EV app. Small, compact and easily installable, this product is suitable for large, commercial, office, and outdoor parking areas and comes with safe payment gateway options.


Home Charging Simplified!

Our Atom Wallbox charger is extremely user-friendly and based on the latest EV charging technology with universal charging that suits all your personal vehicles. Whether it’s a car or a bike, this one charger, will fulfill all your EV Charging needs.

A compact product that is thoughtfully designed with a display offering an exclusive experience to its users and can be installed in any home or parking space. Consumers can trust that their charger can be used only by them through authentication on the Atom EV app, unlike other public chargers.


Large-scale Charging Simplified!

Our Atom AC Box charger is super easy-to-use and extremely user-friendly. It is based on the latest technology to support simultaneous multiple EV Charging in large and commercial spaces. The universal design ensures charging for all personal and commercial vehicles. This charger comes with a display and will fast charge your vehicles compared to other AC Chargers.

This product is thoughtfully designed to suit the rough and tough use of the product by multiple users in large parking spaces, malls, bus depots,
big offices and more and comes with safe payment gateway options.


Superfast Charging Simplified!

Our DC Fast Charger is the top-of-the-line EV Charger offering lightning-fast charging compared to our other chargers. This charger is compact and supports both personal and commercial charging. Compared to the other chargers it takes much lesser time to charge your vehicle saving you a lot of time.

The product is designed keeping in mind different spaces and their EV charging requirements. Due to the super-fast charging, the viability of usage is extremely high in commercial spaces. This charger can be used with authentication via an RFID & Mobile App and comes with safe payment gateway options.

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