Best Fleet EV Charging Stations in Hyderabad

Axonify provides the best EV charging solutions for fleets. These solutions are designed to make it easier and more sustainable for large fleets to charge their electric vehicles. With Axonify, fleet managers can implement EV charging infrastructure that supports multiple vehicles, enabling them to transition their entire fleet towards a greener and more eco-friendly future.

One of the main advantages of Axonify’s EV charging solutions is their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of fleets. By utilizing sustainable charging technologies, such as renewable energy sources, Axonify ensures that the charging process has minimal impact on the environment. This not only helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also helps fleet operators meet sustainability targets. Axonify’s EV charging solutions also focus on providing convenience and efficiency. With features such as smart charging and advanced scheduling, fleet managers can optimize the charging process to avoid peak demand periods and reduce operational costs. This ensures that vehicles are always ready for use, minimizing downtime and improving overall fleet productivity. Axonify is the ideal partner for large fleets looking to transition to electric vehicles and reduce their carbon footprint.

Atom Dc Fast Charger


Our DC Fast Charger is a super fast and commercially viable EV charging option, that ensures a super safe experience for public charging, open park spaces, bus stops, and more. It comes with a seamless payment gateway and supports single and multiple gun options.

Capacity: 30 kW, 60 kW, 120 kW, 240 kW, 360 kW

Key Features

Our DC Fast Charger is our best EV Charging solution and supports easy and fast commercial and personal vehicle charging in commercial spaces.

Compared to other chargers, this EV Charger is available in two sizes, classic and standard, and can be installed as per the user’s requirement. The compact design ensures easy mobility in commercial spaces.


7 inch LCD Display, state-of-the-art Hardware and IP54 Outdoor enclosure.


Safety first, with various protection features built-in for Surge, Ground Fault, Short Circuit etc. Meets Indian & International Charging Standards.

Payment Gateway

Hassle-free authentication using RFID & Mobile App. Secure payment options including UPI, Debit/Credit cards.

Super Fast Charging Simplified!

Our DC Fast Charger is the top-of-the-line EV Charger offering lightning-fast charging compared to our other chargers. This charger is compact and supports both personal and commercial charging. This charger takes much lesser time to charge your vehicle saving you a lot of time.

The product is designed keeping in mind different spaces and their EV charging requirements. Due to the super-fast charging, the viability of usage is extremely high in commercial spaces. This charger can be used with authentication via an RFID & Mobile App and comes with safe payment gateway options.


Public Parkings, Highway restaurants, Petrol pumps etc…


Shops, Commerical buildings, Office buildings etc..


Malls, Movie Theaters etc.

Technical Specification

Product Information

Input/output power rating and current

Three-phase: 30 / 360 kW Max

Socket outlet or connector type

Connector Type: CCS 2 Female plug with 5 M cable


Surge protection, Short circuit protection
Overload protection, AC overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, Leakage protection, Insulation Monitoring

Input/ouput voltage

Three-phase : 415V nominal, 50Hz

Energy metering

Class 1

User Interface


Ethernet, Option for 4G, Wifi

User authentification

Mobile App or RFID card

Status indication


User interface

7 inch


Control and configuration

OCPP 1.6J (Optional)

Payment gateway

Secure payment options
including UPI, Debit/Credit cards.

User Interface

IP rating


Operating temperature range

-20…+55 °C


W x H x D(600 x 800 x 420 mm)

Storage temperature range

-30…+70 °C


Wall or floor using a pedestal

Certification And Standards

Codes and standards

IS 17017-1
AIS-138 Part1
IEC 61851-1
IEC 62196-2

Want to Know More about our EV Charging Solutions?

Enter your details and we’ll get back to you shortly to discuss your charging needs.

Want to Know More about our EV Charging Solutions?

Enter your details and we’ll get back to you shortly to discuss your charging needs.

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